Why My White Appliances Have Turned Orange

Why My White Appliances Have Turned Orange

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Simply put; Iron!

Iron can be found in some rural water supplies such as drilled and dug wells and can cause many issues with appliances within your home.

There are two main types of iron that you would come across in your home. The first one will come out clear, but cause red or brown staining on appliances, this is also known as “ferrous” iron. The second type is when the water coming from appliances comes out red or yellow when first drawn, this type of iron is also called “ferric” iron.

Both types of iron can cause some of the following problems;

  • Red, brown or orange staining on any white home appliances
  • Rusty stain residue on light coloured laundry
  • Clogs in plumping, pumps and sprinklers
  • Metallic tasting water

Is Iron in your water harmful to your health?

Human bodies require a certain amount of iron to function properly, but like any other substance, it can be toxic at high levels of consumption. High iron levels are more damaging to expensive appliances and clothing than to the human body.

Solution to rid your house of possible iron issues:

Have a professional test done of your water source and from the results you will be able to determine what level of iron is present in your water.

Once you’re have your readings back, your best option would be to contact a company who deals with Iron Removal Water Systems and have them explain to you what your options are based on the results of the water test.

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