Water Testing

Well Water Testing and Drinking Water Analyses in Sudbury

Well Water Potability Test and Drinking Water Analyses in Sudbury


The Sudbury basin is well-known worldwide as a mining hub and a profitable one at that. As a result, the groundwater in this region contains high levels of mineral deposits, usually calcium, magnesium, iron and the like. Sudbury residents are much more likely to notice signs of water hardness, such as “smoky” drinking glasses, water spots, or build-up on ceramic tiles and water fixtures. This is related to water hardness,caused by the high mineral levels in the water.

It’s not necessarily a public health hazard to drink these minerals. Humans need a certain amount of calcium and magnesium to maintain good health. However, water hardness can be detrimental to personal hygiene (with dry skin and hair being reported as side effects). Health effects aside, the mineral build-up can cause damage to water fixtures and decrease the longevity of your water heater. Our team of experts at The Water Guys North is passionate about providing the highest-quality water to your home. We are well-equipped to test your water hardness and suggest rectifying the situation should you wish.


As mentioned above, the Sudbury basin contains high iron levels, which leaches into the region’s groundwater. A promising sign of heightened iron levels in your water is if it runs yellow or red through the tap. Again, iron is a mineral we need as humans in our daily lives; however, there are some drawbacks to having a heightened mineral level present in your water. It can be unpalatable for some, making water more metallic in taste, and could change how food and beverages taste. Also, some harmful bacteria need iron to grow and left unchecked; those organisms could make the drinker sick and be challenging to eradicate. The Water Guys can test your iron levels to ensure that they are below the accepted level (0.3mg/L), and if they aren’t, help you to upgrade your water systems to rectify the issue.


Like the other minerals in Sudbury’s groundwater, manganese is a required nutrient to promote good human health. Too much manganese can be harmful, with heightened mineral levels tied to long-term memory, attention, and motor skills problems. Whether your water is from a well or a public reservoir, you may want the peace of mind that comes with professional testing. We have the expertise necessary at The Water Guys North to test for manganese and suggest the best course of action forward if those levels are too high.

PH/Alkalinity Testing

PH levels are essential whether you’re drinking the water, cleaning it, or swimming in it in your backyard. The PH scale runs from acidic to basic, from battery acid at 0 to liquid drain cleaner at 14, with pure, clean water being the middle ground at 7. Likely, you don’t have battery acid or drain cleaner flowing through your pipes; however, you should be taking steps to ensure your water is as close to that middle ground as possible. The Water Guys North can test your water supply to determine your water’s PH level. We can suggest the highest-quality PH neutralizing filters to bring your water back to the safe middle-ground should that be necessary.


TDS-testing (total dissolved solids) is one of the more common water quality measurements used by water professionals. It tests the total amount of dissolved organic and inorganic content in the water supply. TDS can be anything originating from natural sources, sewage, urban run-off, water treatment chemicals, and chemical fertilizers that leach into groundwater. A TDS level of 50-150PPM is considered suitable for a home water supply, with the upper limit on safety being 1000PPM. The Water Guys North can test for TDS and recommend a filtration solution if the PPM ends up on the higher side.


Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of turning on your tap only to find brown water coursing from your pipes? It’s unpleasant and likely related to the tannin content in the water. Tannins are safe to drink and are mostly considered an aesthetic problem, but they can make drinking water unappealing and stain laundry and dishes. The Water Guys North can perform a test for tannins and recommend a suitable solution to the problem.


If you’re looking for a climate-friendly and cost-effective way of ensuring you have the cleanest water travelling through your pipes, consider a UV Purification System. UV systems use UV light to purify water without adding harmful chemicals or, in the case of natural mineral springs, remove healthful minerals in your water. You’ll want to schedule occasional maintenance and testing with the Water Guys North using a UV system. We offer UVT testing to existing and new customers and are passionate about ensuring you have the cleanest water possible.


Measuring the alkalinity of water is important in order to maintain healthy water conditions. Alkalinity water testing allows you to test the alkalinity levels in your water and make sure that it is within the ideal range. This test is easy to use and only takes a few minutes. Simply collect a water sample and measure the amount of acid needed to bring the sample to a pH of 4.2. The result is reported as milligrams per liter (mg/l) of calcium carbonate. Alkalinity water testing is an essential tool for keeping your water healthy and within the ideal range.

Chlorine Testing

Our Northern summers tend to be quite hot – what better way to fight the heat than to cool off by your backyard pool? Or perhaps you enjoy a spin through the hot tub on a cold winter evening. If either of these situations resonates with you, you’ll likely need chlorine testing at some point. Chlorine is a highly effective disinfectant and is commonly added to drinking water and water used in recreational endeavours such as pools or hot tubs. You are maintaining your chlorine levels to minimize the risk of illness or – in the case of high levels of chlorine – irritation of the skin and eyes. The Water Guys North are experts in water testing and can conduct regular chlorine testing to ensure your levels stay where they should be.