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Lake Intake Systems

Northern Ontario is perhaps best known for its abundance of beautiful lakes in the region. Visit any such lake in the area, and you’ll likely notice a smattering of cottages dotting the vista as locals and city folk flock to the region as a summer getaway destination. Many of these cottage properties use the same lake water as their everyday water supply, which makes a lot of sense on the surface. When you look a little deeper, you realize that this same water is used for boating, swimming, and sewage disposal, not to mention as a habitat for much of the wildlife in the region. As a result, it is essential to ensure that your lake intake and filtrations systems are correctly installed and well-maintained. The Water Guys North is happy to conduct routine maintenance and inspection of your lake intake system to ensure the water you’re drinking is free from harmful chemicals or pathogens that could turn your relaxing cottage weekend into an intestinal nightmare.

Well Pump Replacement (MOE Certified)

If your property uses well-water, your well pump is one of the more critical pieces of equipment that you own. Regular maintenance and upkeep are paramount to your water ecosystem functioning at its highest capacity. Proper well pump maintenance can last for 10-15 years. When the time comes to replace the pump entirely, you’ll want to give The Water Guys North a call. Ontario’s Ministry of Environment licenses us as “Well Construction” and “Pump Installer” experts. Our team of professionals has years of experience working with various pumping technologies and is passionate about providing clean, clear water to your home.

Heat Trace/ Pipe Thawing

In Northern Ontario, we are used to frigid winters. One unfortunate side-effect of these cold winters is frozen pipes. Frozen pipes should scare any homeowner; at best, you are mildly inconvenienced for a few days until the temperature drops, and at worst, you experience a burst pipe, which can cause thousands of dollars of damage and necessitate time-consuming and expensive repairs. Fortunately, the technology exists to put an end to frozen pipes. A heat trace system uses heated cables to protect your plumbing infrastructure from freeze damage. The wires maintain an appropriate temperature around your pipes so they don’t succumb to cold external temperatures. The Water Guys North are experts in installing heat tracing systems.

If you do not have such a system in place and your pipes freeze, time is of the essence. The longer the pipe is frozen, the higher the likelihood of bursting. Give the Water Guys North a call, and we can be on-site quickly to begin the thawing process and get your system back online.

Well Upgrades

Older cottage properties often suffer from water pressure or filtration issues, especially if the well maintenance has not been kept up over time. If you aren’t ready to replace the well entirely, there are upgrades you could consider to boost your well’s performance and better provide for your family’s water needs. If your water pressure is consistently low, there could be several issues at play; perhaps your foot valve needs replacing, or maybe you would be better served to install a booster pump, also known as a constant flow pump. You may even consider replacing the well pump entirely with a newer model that suits the size of your well. The Water Guys North are industry experts who can source and install the correct parts for your well upgrade.

Pump Stands for Lake/Dug Well Applications

A pump stand is a stable pump mount that gives structural support to your lake or well pump. A pump stand can also provide stability against minor vibrations. The Water Guys North are technology experts and can help you design and order your made-to-order pump stand. A properly-installed pump with a bespoke pump stand will contribute to your system’s longevity and lend peace of mind that the technology works as it should provide you with the efficient, clean water you and your family need.

Constant Pressure Systems (New & Retrofit)

We use water for many different purposes in the house, and whether you’re washing the dog in the tub, hosing off the boat, watering the garden or doing the laundry, you’ll want to ensure that your water pressure remains constant. A constant pressure system will automatically monitor your home’s water demands and speed or slow down the pump based on your household water requirements. The result? Consistent, dependable water flow when and where you need it. The experts at The Water Guys North are fully insured and licensed, with the expertise to source and install your new constant pressure system.

Pressure Tank Service & Replacement

The pressure tank is one of the essential elements of your well infrastructure. A pressure tank stores the water acquired via the well and supplies it wherever it may need to go in the home. The pressure tank contains water and compressed air. When you open a faucet, the compressed air forces the water out at the required rate for the water’s application (higher pressure for showers, lower for lo-flo toilets, etc. A faulty pressure tank can lead to water hammers (a loud bang heard when turning off the water, which could eventually lead to pipe damage), high electrical cost and worn well pumps. Regular maintenance is key to preserving the longevity of your pressure tank, and the Water Guys North has the expertise to undertake such maintenance.

Cottage Start-Up & Closure

Cottage season is approaching, and all you can focus on is getting out on the lake and relaxing after a long winter. However, somebody needs to open the cottage and ensure there hasn’t been any damage from those frigid winter months. Enter the Water Guys North. We’ll visit your cottage and inspect your water infrastructure for damage, prime your water systems and flush out anything that may have found its way into the system in the intervening months, so the first time you head up to your Northern oasis, you can enjoy yourself instead of fretting about the small details. When it’s time to close up for the winter, give us a call, and we can undertake the winterizing process on your behalf, so you can focus on what’s essential in your life.