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Water Conditioning in Sudbury

Commercial and Residential Systems

Years ago, while working in the Sudbury community as a licensed plumber, it became apparent that there were unmet water purification needs – the Sudbury basin is comprised of high levels of iron and hydrogen sulphide, neither of which you want to be regularly ingesting. As a result, we started The Water Guys North, and our team of experts is passionate about improving water quality at home and in business.

As members of the Canadian Water Quality Association, our passion for efficiently providing clean water is unmatched in the region. We possess a Ministry of Environment “Pump Installer” contractor license and are fully insured, giving each of our customers valuable peace of mind and ensuring the job gets done right the first time. Whether your water comes from a municipal basin, river, lake or well, we will engineer and design the most appropriate solution for you.

Water Softening

Here in the North, a large portion of the population uses healthy water as their primary water source, and as a result, we handle a lot of water softening requests. Hard mineral build-up in pipes and fixtures, water spots on glasses and even dry skin are all unwanted outcomes from well water use. Eliminate these outcomes with a water softening system from The Water Guys North. Our industry experts have access to the best products and the expertise to help with installation. Get the lead out and give us a call!

Iron & Hydrogen Sulfide Removal

As mentioned above, the Sudbury basin has high levels of iron and hydrogen sulphite – one of the few drawbacks of Sudbury being such a productive and profitable mining region. While we enjoy the benefits of exporting some of these minerals, we’re better served not to be drinking them daily. Enter The Water Guys North! Our state-of-the-art filtration solutions can filter efficiently without introducing harmful chemicals into your water supply. Whether you’re looking for a simple whole-house iron filter or a more robust solution, our team of experts is happy to help you provide clean water for your family.

Sediment/Tannin Removal/Taste & Odour Reduction

We’ve all had this unfortunate experience – you turn the tap on, and instead of brilliant, clean, fresh water, out comes a brown, unappetizing muck. Or perhaps the water is clear but has that all too familiar musty well smell. Please take advantage of our passion for providing clean water and installing a filtration system from The Water Guys North. Our team of experts will ensure that the water that fills your glass is clean and clear, free from sediment or tannins. Enjoy fresh-tasting, clean water, courtesy of The Water Guys North.

Ultraviolet Purification System

Your home plumbing system is unique to your home. You and your family deserve a purification system tailored to your water usage needs and your home’s infrastructure. If you’re looking for a climate-friendly and cost-effective way of ensuring you have the cleanest water travelling through your pipes, consider a UV Purification System. UV systems use UV light to purify water without adding harmful chemicals or in the case of natural mineral springs – remove healthful minerals in your water.

Drinking Water Systems

Clean water is essential for every family, and Drinking Water Systems provide the cleanest, safest water possible. These systems filter out impurities and contaminants, making sure your family always has fresh, clean water to drink.

Drinking Water Systems are easy to install and require very little maintenance, so you can always be sure your family has access to clean water. These systems are an investment in your family’s health and well-being, and they will provide years of safe, clean drinking water.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis (RO) filtration is one of the market’s more popular and cost-conscious water filtration methods. Simply put, untreated water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane, removing potential contaminants like minerals or chemicals and depositing the clean drinking water into a holding tank, ready for use. RO filtration systems improve taste, provide higher-quality drinking water, and are easy to maintain, minimizing return visits from our team.

Cartridge Filters

Northern summers tend to be hot and sunny – which is certainly welcome after the frigid winters we’ve expected. What better way to cool off in the hot summer sun than a backyard pool? While your backyard oasis may seem like the perfect spot to relax and get away from it all, dirt, debris and harmful chemicals may lurk under the surface. You’ll want to ensure you have a high-quality cartridge filter to remove chemicals from skin lotions, sunscreens, or the usual tree and grass debris that can find its way into your pool.

Chlorination/Chlorine & Chloramine Removal Systems

Chlorination is the most widely used purification method for drinking water and recreational use in pools and water features. Water can be purified using off-the-shelf products like chlorine tablets and liquid chlorine or via a fully integrated system in your collection.

Chlorine is ubiquitous as a water-purification solution. However, you can have too much of a good thing. Exposure to an over-chlorinated pool can have unwanted effects on your health, such as skin and eye irritation or asthma. High chlorine levels can also fade your swimwear and wear away at your pool. If you’re feeling or seeing these effects, there’s a chance that the chloramine levels are too high in your collection, and you’ll want to give The Water Guys North a call. We will test your water to ensure we fully understand the extent of the issue before administering the proper solution.

Cartridge Filters

If you are looking for an effective and reliable way to remove contaminants and particles from your water, then cartridge filters are the perfect solution. Filter cartridges are inserted inside the housing and work to remove all the unwanted elements from the water, leaving it clean and fresh.

Cartridge filters are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your specific needs, and they are easy to install and replace when necessary. With regular maintenance, cartridge filters can last for many years, providing you with clean and healthy water for years to come.

PH-Neutralizing Filters

The PH scale runs from acidic to basic, from battery acid at 0 to liquid drain cleaner at 14, with pure, clean water being the middle ground at 7. You probably aren’t getting battery acid coursing through your pipes. However, it would help if you were taking steps to ensure your water is as close to that middle ground as possible. Give The Water Guys North a call; our expert team will help source and install a PH-neutralizing filter.