Sudbury Residential and Commercial Pumps

Sudbury Residential and Commercial Pumps

Residential & Commercial Water Supply

Whether your pumping needs are related to your business or home, The Water Guys North has the technical expertise and knowledge to source your new pump system. As members of the Canadian Water Quality Association, our passion for efficiently providing clean water is unmatched in the region. We possess a Ministry of Environment “Pump Installer” contractor license. We are fully insured, giving each customer valuable peace of mind and ensuring the job gets done right the first time. Whether your water comes from a municipal basin, river, lake or well, we will engineer and design the most appropriate solution for you. Please take advantage of our years of experience and passion and call for a quote today.

Pump Testing

A pumping test is a practical method of estimating well performance and capacity and generally consists of pumping groundwater from the source at a constant rate and measuring the change in water level. This test is integral to ensuring your pump is in proper working order and is a standard step in proper pump maintenance and free access to clean water for your home or business. We are fully licensed by the Government of Ontario’s Ministry of Environment as Pump Installers, so you can be sure our team of experts will do the job right.

Pump Sizing

Proper pump sizing is integral to your system’s working as it was intended. Many technical factors are at play when deciding the correct size of pump to use with your system, including flow, water pressure, source of the water, and even the type of liquid being pumped. These factors are different for each new project – there is no one-size-fits-all application for your pumping system. Our team of experts knows the necessary to ensure that you have the correct size pump for your system.

Submersible & Jet Pump Parts

Despite our best efforts to the contrary, you likely will need to replace parts on your pumps as part of routine maintenance. The constant push and pull of water can cause parts to wear down and become less efficient over time. When that time comes, look no further than The Water Guys North for your replacement parts. Whether you need to replace some parts or an entirely newpump, we have the industry knowledge to help you source the highest-quality replacement parts at a competitive price.

Constant Pressure Systems

We use water for many different purposes in the house, and whether you’re washing the dog in the tub, hosing off the boat, watering the garden or doing the laundry, you’ll want to ensure that your water pressure remains constant. A constant pressure system will automatically monitor your home’s water demands and speed or slow down the pump based on your household water requirements. The result? Consistent, dependable water flow when and where you need it. The experts at The Water Guys North are fully insured and licensed, with the expertise to source and install your new constant pressure system. We’ll get the job done first, so you can easily manage your household’s water usage in the future.

Pump Replacement (Effluent and Sewage)

An effluent or a sewage pump malfunction is perhaps one of the worst things that can happen in your home. If you’re noticing dirty water coming through your system, constant pump cycling, or strange noises coming from your pump, you may very well be on your way to a catastrophic failure. It is unthinkable, but as the saying goes **IT HAPPENS; call the team of experts at the Water Guys North. Our professional team will be on-site as soon as possible to handle any potential effluent or sewage pump replacement or repair. We’ll get you out of it and back to not thinking about what happens after you flush.

Pump Accessories

From control boxes to electric power units, diffuser and impeller kits, and everything in between, the Water Guys North have a large stock of pump accessories. No matter what you need, our team has the industry knowledge and expertise to help source the parts you need at the price you want. So, if you need a new pump basin, pump alarm, or even crack repair kits, give us a call at The Water Guys North, and we’ll help you get what you need!

Alarm & Battery Back-Up Systems

Here in the North, we’re a people that pride ourselves on being ready for anything. Extreme weather is rising yearly, and a power failure could lead to your pump malfunctioning right when you need it most! Keep your basement dry in the wildest storm, and give yourself peace of mind by calling the Water Guys North. We have the expertise to source and install alarm and battery backup systems and ensure they are kept in proper working order. Get rid of that sense of dread that accompanies every extreme weather forecast, and make sure you’re ready for any situation. Call us for a quote.