Campgrounds and Resorts

Water Systems for Camping and Resorts in Sudbury

Water Systems for Camping and Resorts in Sudbury

Campgrounds and Resorts

Northern Ontario is a prime vacation destination for city-dwellers and locals alike due to our hot summers and the collective priority we place on living life outdoors. Consequently, it’s a great place to operate a business such as a resort or a campground. When you have people flocking from all over the province to stay in your hotel or pitch their tent, you’ll want to ensure that they are provided with clean water. Such businesses are subject to government regulation from the Ministry of Environment (MoE) and Ministry of Health. If you need help navigating the pitfalls and red-tape of government regulation, look no further than your friendly team of professionals at the Water Guys North. We possess the requisite licensing from the MoE and the expertise necessary to get the job done. We’re also fully insured, so once we’ve determined the correct course of action for your business’s water needs, we can install the appropriate equipment and ensure the job is done correctly. There are no water needs we cannot meet – give us a call, and we’ll be on-site promptly to conduct a survey.

Water Supply Systems

Your water supply system is the beating heart of your resort or campground business. More accurately, it’s the entire cardiovascular system, delivering precious water to where it needs to be for all portions of your business to run smoothly. One faulty piece of equipment or installation error can hinder the entire system leading to unhappy customers and costly and time-consuming repairs. Whether you’re putting a system into the ground for the first time or taking over for a previous operator, you’ll want expert hands to ensure that your business’s future is in good hands. This is where The Water Guys North comes in – give us a call, and we’ll arrive promptly to assess your property and any pre-existing water infrastructure. From there, we will determine the correct path forward, source any new or replacement parts necessary, and make sure that they are installed correctly. We guarantee you will pass any MoE or MoH inspection and ensure your customers have ready access to clean, potable water.

Treatment Systems

The Sudbury basin is well-known worldwide as a mining hub with ready access to many valuable mineral deposits that drive our economy to this day. This good fortune is not without drawbacks; the basin has high levels of iron and hydrogen sulphite, which can be harmful when ingested in large quantities. You certainly don’t want to offer this water to your guests in its untreated state. If even one tap churns out water polluted with these contaminants or smelling of sulphite, that guest will likely find somewhere else to stay for any future Northern excursions. Give your friendly team at The Water Guys North a call – we have the knowledge and expertise in water treatment to source and install the best filtration system for your business based on your water needs and financial situation.

Well Inspections & Upgrades

The Government of Ontario is very clear about its views on well-water and liability for well-users: if you have a well on your property, you are responsible for it. There are rules for maintenance and upgrading your well, and should your healthy fall into disrepair; you may be expected to abandon it to preserve the safety of your water and its source. Regarding campgrounds, the risk of contaminated well-water goes up 4x due to potential outdoor debris, chemicals in groundwater or improper sewage disposal, which could lead to harmful bacteria like E.coli.

The team of experts at The Water Guys North are Ministry of Environment (MoE) licensed in ‘Well Construction’ and possess the knowledge and expertise necessary to inspect and upgrade your well, should that be necessary. This is a critical call if you are taking over a business from a previous operator – as the well is your responsibility, no matter who installed it. Reach out to our team and let us handle it for you – we are passionate about providing clean water for our clients, and we love what we do.

Water Operations and Testing

If your patrons have access to water features on your property, such as man-made ponds or pools, it is your responsibility to ensure that those features remain safe to use and enjoy. There is much to consider, from water cleanliness to chemical and PH balance. Call the friendly team at The Water Guys North – we are happy to conduct routine testing and maintenance of your water features to ensure your guests have the best possible experience while using the amenities. Testing your pool water is also essential to ensuring the longevity of your investment in the pool, whether it’s a weekly chlorine test or a monthly test for mineral buildup. Don’t take any chances with amenity downtime or unhappy patrons – give us a call at the Water Guys North.