Excelight UV Lamp l Part# EL411L


Product Details

  • Manufacturer: Excelight UV
  • Manufacturer Part Number: EL411L
  • Includes 2 replacement O-Rings in box
  • 4 pin lamp connection with white base

Excelight UV systems Used In

  • EL411AK
  • FS-YT-20/2-0.75UV Double stage 20” housings
  • FS-BB-10/2-1.0UV DuPlex BB 10” Housings
  • FS-BB-20/2-1.0UV DuPlex BB 20” Housings
  • FS-BB-10/3-1.0UV TriPlex BB 10” Housings
  • FS-BB-20/3-1.0UV TriPlex BB 20” Housings

Water Depot UV system Used In

  • FS-BB-20/2-1.0UV UV Pure Zone Duplex BB


UV Lamp specifics

  • Genuine Excellight Lamp
  • Lamp life; 1 year (9,000) hours
  • Total Wattage- 20 Watts
  • Length of lamp- 17.8”


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