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This week most kids are heading back to class and along with the mounds of school supplies, most schools ask that children also bring a reusable water bottle every day. Finding the right bottle can be challenging but here are the factors that you should consider when you head out to the store:

  • How leak proof is the bottle? No bottle is perfect in all conditions but every parent wants to find one that will not turn their child’s backpack into a swamp. As a rule of thumb, cheaper bottles (like the ones you get free at events) don’t tend to be overly leak proof. When at the store, look for secure caps and spouts.
  • How durable is it? Water bottles can be made from a variety of materials and you want something that will last the school year. For children, thicker plast is often the best way to go but stainless steel is also an option. Avoid glass or flimsy plastic.
  • Is It BPA free? All bottles should be clearly labeled on the store sheld as BPA free and if they are not, you will want to skip over those ones. Bisphenol A (BPA) is a building block chemical used primarily to manufacture clear plastics and it may have potential negative health effects.
  • How Easy Is it to Clean? Water bottles should be washed daily to avoid a build up of bacteria and other harmful things. Avoid bottles that are not dishwasher friendly or have overly complicated drinking spouts. For the easiest clean, open top bottles without spout are obviously the best but are not user friendly for younger children.
  • Cost? When it comes to water bottles, price does not always mean everything. Consider all your options but remember that you will likely want to have at least one back up for your child. Expensive and fancy may seem best but remember, children can be terrible to their things and it may get lost or broken before the value becomes worthwhile.

There is no perfect bottle out there and it’s important to find the right one for your child depending on age. Look online for reviews and check out all the options at your local stores. And most importantly, don’t forget to label the bottles before you pack them; every school lost and found is filled with water bottles and you don’t want yours to end up there too!

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